A better future by design

Preparing legal and institutional arrangements for preventing or containing future pandemics through anticipation, assessment and the design of negotiating processes to achieve preferred outcomes

The Global Foresight Group for pandemic preparedness, surveillance and response is focused on addressing gaps and bottlenecks in global instruments (from informal to formal/soft to hard) to improve pandemic surveillance, preparedness and response. In addition to considering the threat posed by naturally occurring viruses and other pathogens, and potential responses to them, the objective includes to study and monitor the global system for regulating genetic manipulation technologies, and to propose legal and institutional frameworks to better exercise control over this work.

The Global Foresight Group will focus its work on:

  • Identifying key constraints and suggesting ways to move forward in efforts to strengthen current global rules and institutions as well as efforts to establish new rules and institutions;
  • Identifying gaps in current global instruments and suggesting a path forward to address these gaps.

The overall goal of the Global Foresight Group is to contribute toward the establishment of international frameworks/rules to better enable rapid response mechanisms to address future outbreaks, whether natural or human sourced. This includes vaccine and/or therapeutic solutions developed, produced and distributed through a sufficiently robust global network of R&D institutions, production platforms and facilities and supply chains and distribution networks.

Contact us at: info@globalfg.net